Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mom, you asked a long time ago about how to make links in these posts (and, Sam, your link below reminded me). Here's a quick course:

New York Times Homepage

was made by typing the next line directly into the "compose" field (using the "Edit Html" tab):

[a href=""]New York Times Homepage[/a]

except you must replace each "[" with "<" and each "]" with ">". Ok, that's enough for today. Class dismissed.


Ben said...

oh, and then you can see if it worked with the "preview" button.

bhkeuka said...

Thank you, prof.

love, mom

I'll practice it later on today.

Molly Holder said...

there's also a shortcut if youo don't want to use straight html. on the toolbar, there's an icon of 2 chain links. if youclick that, it will prompt you to select the text you want to link, and then enter the web address.