Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stayin' Alive! The Power of Music

Hey, musical Holders:

Did you read that the American Heart Assn. has revised their suggestions on the administration of CPR - no longer do they suggest two mouth to mouth breaths each 30 seconds along with the rapid chest compressions. Apparently many people don't even try CPR because they do not want to lock lips with a stranger. Further, though, the breath routine never seemed to help much . Now, they suggest we just do 100 chest compressions per minute - simply that, no lips. (Although I do retain a colorful fantasy that after I save someone's life, they will pop up and kiss me - perhaps twice in a 30 second period).

And, oh, in case you're wondering how fast 100 compressions per minute is, just (the AMA says) remember the beat to the Bee Gees' 70's tune, "Stayin Alive". That oughta' do it.

Singing while you work is permitted, apparently. " OOO, OOO, OOO, STAYIN ALIVE, STAYIN ALIVE..."

In other health-related news, and contributing additionally to the benefits of saving someone's life, it is reported that singing may help one lose weight. I believe this may explain why we Holders are all so slim.



Molly Holder said...

did they really suggest the beat of stayin' alive??? That is hilarious. this has reinvigorated the secret dark desire I developed after learning CPR the first time that someone would drop at my feet and I could revive them, heroically. Now I could revive them heroically and musically.

Dad said...

Yes, that IS the tune they suggest!