Thursday, March 27, 2008

So 5 minutes ago

Speaking of macs and being late to the party...

In the metro station on my way home from work tonight they played this video on one of the ubiquitous projection TV screens. Normally I'm trying to ignore the screens, since they are usually (a) promoting some local newscast in Portuguese, (b) telling me the rankings of the neighborhood football clubs (Benfica has moved up this week) or (c) advertising an American movie which opened stateside sometime in early 2007. But this video was the perfect antidote to a day spent walking back and forth to the local Centro de Saúde* (look at me, I can write in Portuguese). The song is familiar to anyone who has had the TV on in the past three months, where the Macbook Air commercial has taken Ms. Naim to #7 on the Billboard charts. Thus ... late to the party. Hey Molly&Sam, do you know who directed/wrote the video? It reminds me of the surrealist French guy who did Eternal Sunshine. I came home an listened to this nice NPR interview with the singer which aired last week.

*Note to those who are able to translate the word Saúde: I am perfectly well. I just need a physical for bureaucratic purposes. Although I have only read the first 75 or so pages of Catch-22, I'm pretty sure this situation qualifies: I have spent eight hours this week trying to convince Portugal's medical system to give me a clean bill of health to include with my Social Security application, while "it" has spent an equal amount of time trying to convince me that I need a Social Security number to see a doctor. Today I won the battle. I saw an actual doctor and it only cost me 2.15€ (cheaper than CHP!). I've got to go back tomorrow with my immunization history. Wish me luck.


bhkeuka said...

Wow, that is a beautiful, startling video! I haven't listened to the npr interview yet, but will. Hope you finally manage to get the physical taken care of! (And glad to hear that you are well.)

love, mom

Dad said...

Well, speaking of so five minutes ago...I admit to not having heard the song before now, not having heard of this cool Israeli singer and - imagine - not having seen the commercial for the mac/air (until now). GOD, it's thin! How do they fit all those 0's and 1's in there?

I love the song, her voice and the lushly imaginative video.

Say, do you think it's too late for me to get this director to create videos for me to accompany, say, Nellie Bly and Grasshopper Pie?

Sam said...

I admit, I hadn't seen the commercial either. I had seen a small snippet of the mac being pulled from the envelope, but hadn't heard the music. However, the parodies of the commercial are hilarious and deserve a look. My favorite ends with "Macbook Air; Why the Hell Not?" Lol.