Friday, March 14, 2008

Guess who got a new computer?

Yes.  I realize that widget-playing is SO five minutes ago.  But I could care less.  Look how fun this is!  

Hope all is well across the globe...

Love, Sam


Sam said...

By the way: check out, it's amazing.

Molly Holder said...

omg. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! i started doing it to louie...stay tuned. I don't really get this seeqpod business - is it just for music videos??

Congrats on becoming a mac person! I can't wait to see your new 'puter.


bhkeuka said...

so you got a mac!!? Wow. I love those pics, but the only one I recognized as you was the third--don't know why. Are you wearing a Red Sox hat? If not, why not?

your mother

Sam said...

Seeqpod lets you search for any song (or video) and then play it for free--you can even set up an account and create playlists that you can revisit. It's pretty schweet.

No, unfortunately, no Red Sox hat. But, not a Padres cap either!

Dad said...

hey, Seeqpod IS cool - I just fooled around with it for a while - Helpful to learn new songs for my work as well as for fun. Thanks for the tip! In my work I also us a site called Songs for Teaching, as well as Mudcat Cafe, a great resource for lyrics and derivation & recording history of songs.