Saturday, March 1, 2008

I returned home late last night after working out of town for several days. Mom, as she said in a previous post, also went out of town during the same period - meaning that the kitties were left alone for a couple of days. Knowing the woodstove would go out, Mom put the elec heat up to 55, left them plenty of cat chow and water and wished them well.

I arrived home to discover that all of the water taps were on, the refrigerator door was standing open revealing empty shelves and the thermostat was jacked up to 85. I looked at the boys and they each pointed a dripping wet paw at the other.

I'm thinking maybe mom and i should have gotten a hamster.

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Molly Holder said...

WHAAAT? no way. how much of this is really true??? I believe it about the water... Those crazy boys.