Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hiking in the hudson valley

Hi fambly!

This weekend I took the metro north train up to Cold Spring, NY, which is a cutesy little antiquing and city-getaway town, about an hour away from manhattan. It's also a great starting point for some nice hiking. I did about a 3 hour hike, and took some photos. enjoy!


It was icy on the trail. I saw lots of falling ice off of cliffs - great noises! - and the trail was steep and icy.. slippin and slidin' all over the place.

a cool house right at the head of the trail.

self portrait.


bhkeuka said...

Were you by yourself?

love, mom

PS Ben called today. He sounds great! I asked him to send some photos of new place to the blog.

Dad said...

Nine pics, Molly - sounds like a fun time. Your self-portrait is a little dark, though, and I cannot tell if it is you or Jack the Ripper. D.

Molly Holder said...

ha, it's ME, it's me! You can enlarge the photo by blowing it up. it's the best I could do, since yes, mom, I was by myself, and I had to put the camera on a boulder and use the self-timer...