Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gospel Audition

Check us out!

The video quality of the actual audition is pretty awful, unfortunately, but you can get a taste of it!



Ben said...

Sam, that is so cool. I'm envious... so much energy you're blasting the microphone out on the camera! What are you auditioning for?

Sam said...

Yeah, it's so much fun! We were auditioning to be part of the Del Mar Fair in SD--and we got in! You can check it out at:

Also, a clean version of the original Darwin Hobbs song can be found here:

Love, S

Sam said...

Lol. Sorry about the double you go:

bhkeuka said...

Great, Sam! I'm so glad to get an idea of it. Wish we could all be there for your performance. (you're looking kinda skinny, though....are you eating?)

love, your mom

Dad said...

Oh, Sam, it makes me jealous too! Makes me pine for my old gospel group in Schtdy. I can hardly wait until you get a better higher quality version of your group with closer video.

Your director looks a little languid, though. Couldn't he put a little more energy into it?