Saturday, May 17, 2008

Having a heart in Pulteney

This is a photo of one of the raccoons Dad caught with the Have-a-Heart trap last week. He was going for the woodchuck that ate up most of the garden broccoli last year. In five days, he got three raccoons and a possum. When I reported that number to the guys at the trap rental place (where I returned it while Dad was in Binghamton because animal trap-and-release is not in MY job description) they said, "Oh we charge by the critter. We git $12 for a possum. Hahaha."

I probably would have paid it if they hadn't laughed since Grandma paid $42.50 each for 6 squirrels she had "removed" from her attic a few years ago. I told her at the time that she should put an identifying mark on one of those squirrels. I always suspected the guy was releasing them just around the corner from her house!

The actual trap charge was $7.95---a bargain, I think. The woodchuck remains at large.

That's the spring update from Pulteney.

love, mom


Molly Holder said...

eeeuughhh... I wouldn't want to stare that guy down late at night, regardless of whether or not there was a wire cage between us. Where do you let them go, dad? yoikes.

Ben said...

what's a woodchuck want with broccoli anyway? Mom, do you have to provide food an water to the little guys if dad is away for a few days?

Dad said...

First of all, I remind you guys that in our marriage Mom does the easy work of progressive political advocacy and promoting world peace, while I tackle the more dangerous challenges of semi-humane removal of venomous snakes and spitting raccoons.

Secondly, in answer to Molly's question, I relocate them to a safe house in Prattsburgh where I set them up with new SS#'s and high-end fake ID's.

And thirdly, in answer to Ben's question, the only support I get from my peacenik spouse while I am out of town is her running out occasionally with cut up apples and carrots to spread around the Woodchuck's hole, hopefully keeping him satisfied enough to stay our of my garden until I come home again to trap him too.

It is a complicated dance.

bhkeuka said...

If I understand Ben's question correctly, he means do I feed the trapped little guys while Dad is away. The answer is: NO TRAPPING while dad is away. NO TRAP, NO RELEASE, NO sad animals sitting in a trap waiting for transport to Prattsburgh while Dad is away.
The raccoon in the photo had only been in that thing for a brief time. We're not runnin' a zoo around here.
Whew. Glad that's settled.


Dad said...

Well, no zoo outside, anyway.