Monday, February 25, 2008

Fake Flowers

Hey, also - I have been putting more time and energy into making my house more presentable lately. Elisabeth and I recently spent an evening in the suburbs, shopping at Trader Joes and Target and marveling at the sheer size of things out there (you could fit 6 of Brooklyn's verizon stores into ONE of them in White Plains!!), and in our travels we passed a Michaels. You know, the craft store with the beads and unfinished furniture and do-it-yourself frames? At any rate, I scratched my chin and told Elisabeth that I had a very dynamic, tall, fake plant arrangement pictured perfectly in my mind's eye. She looked skeptical, but lemme tell you, I went in there channeling granny and also Mom in the rental house decorating phase and walked out of that place with some very tasteful styrofoam bittersweet and some, you could say. Oh, and some nice rocks to put at the bottom of my cylindrical glass vase. Elisabeth said it was the only good design idea I've ever had. And she's right. It looks STUNNING, in Elisabeth's words. mm hmm. Das right.

Makin' a house a home, makin a house a home.

I like this blog. I can almost see why people are addicted to spewing every last detail about their lives on the internet.

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bhkeuka said...

Send a picture of the display. I need to update the fake florals here. love, m