Thursday, February 28, 2008

San Diego Pics!

Hi All,

I thought you might want to see glorious San Diego.

The first picture is me on top of El Cajon Mountain, which is about 40 minutes east of San Diego. It was my 1st hike out west and it was amazing. Not only were there views all around and at every moment, but it was a true boulder scramble all the way to the top. It was beautiful.

The last 2 are my apartment, and my view over Mission Bay and the Pacific (it's pretty hazy today, sorry). But, on clear days, I can sit out on that balcony and see clear to the Pacific, and watch the sunset over the water. Pretty sweet.

I'm headed out to karaoke tonight, and then up to La Jolla tomorrow afternoon to play on the beach and mingle with the seals. Apparently there are lots of seals. I'll keep you posted.

This blog is so fun, thanks Molly!

Love, Sam.


Molly Holder said...

Hey, I love these pics! Thanks for sending them. Your life sounds pretty blissful, and your photos make me miss California! I currently have a huge, gaping, dripping wound of nostalgia and sadness about California - San Francisco in particular. Marya's and my breakup had the unexpected and forceful side-effect of suddenly mourning what feels like the loss of that city and my connection to it. Sad.

Dad said...

Wow, what a view from the mountain - and a lovely apt, too!

I know you have the Big Baby. But have you considered a backpacking guitar? I think they fold up or fit together like legos. Think of the odes you could create to the glory of nature.