Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help with computer?

Hey, can you guys help me with computer ideas? The battery on my dell laptop is finally gone completely. This computer has crashed twice and the computer guy in Bath told me not to come back except to ask what kind of new computer I should buy. (He suggests Gateway...but I don't know.) I was just looking at Dell replacement batteries and they start at $139, so I'm not sure whether I should make that investment. Do you have suggestions?



Molly Holder said...

My first suggestion:

Sounds like it's kind of a ticking time bomb. But if you have your stuff backed up, you might as well get a new battery and run it into the ground if you're not ready or don't have the cazsh to get a whole new computer right now...

As for PC computer suggestions, I'm a mac person, so you don't want to ask me. I'll just put on my skinny hipster jeans, disparage PCs as glorified spreadsheet-creators and screw up my face in a confused and simultaneously disdainful and pitying expression.

Sam said...

Hey Mom,

I agree. I just bought a new battery for my Gateway (I hunted around and found one for 75.00), and it has made a huge difference. But, take Molly's advice and BACK UP your work. You might as well drive 'er until the wheels come off.

Love, Sam.

bhkeuka said...

Skinny hipster jeans???/ Is that what macs require? ok ok. I guess I'll get the battery. Thanks you two. Hey did you look at that google earth street view of Jenkins road? WOW. mind-blowing. Wonder how long it will take them to get to Pulteney. We're pretty far off the road there at least.

I'm gonna order that battery. I think my Norton security program backs stuff up so at least I don't have to buy that "peace of mind" external hard drive.

hey Sam, can you look for a cheaper version of the Dell battery? my computer is an inspiron 600m. Thanks.

mom ( alias bhkeuka)

bhkeuka said...

PS-- "Run it into the ground" is the same advice I get from my mechanic about my car, but I am going to get a Subaru 4W drive before NEXT winter.

I'm at Dean and Leslie's house rignt now missing both the cats and the woodstove. brrrrrrr

Molly Holder said...

oooooh a subaru!! You'll be an honorary lesbian.