Thursday, February 28, 2008



bhkeuka said...

oh my God. did you notice the new circular driveway in front o
Betty's house????

Molly Holder said...

I know!! Crazy! those crazy suburbanites. no telling what they'll do next. Notice no trees in the apple orchard, and no front yard pine!?!? sad. I wonder if they still get an impromptu skating rink out back in the winter.... i think i see bonnie blair.

Dad said...

Look how much more inviting 66 looks in Molly's pic at the top of the blog. Google Earth is just fascinating, but their slightly less than real proportion images are sometimes just a tad eerie. The house looks terrible without that big old pine tree in their pic. But I have driven by and admit that I don't feel that way at all when I see it in person.

I particularly like looking at the aerial shots of the property where I can see all of my little garden plots so clearly!