Thursday, February 28, 2008

Off to Saratoga

Good morning. I'm off to Saratoga this morning for the annual SweetLand retreat. I will hopefully also see some other old friends--and I'll drive past the homestead. It has been heartening to see how few changes the new people have made, although they did mow the asparagus patch. Hmph. Since Dad is also away until tomorrow night, I'm going to turn the electric heat on for the kitties--only to 55, though. They will have a chilly Burnt Hills experience for a day!

I sent the blog on to Grandma. She LOVED it and sends her love to all of you. The BackPack program, by the way, is up to 250 bags a week and is becoming more of a part time job than the library! Didn't I swear I wouldn't be schlepping food if I moved here?

Molly--lovely decor. I'm impressed. Maybe I'll stop by Michael's in Clifton Park. By the way, do any of you remember the name of the store that Dad used to take Granny to--before Michaels?

love, mom

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